Seasonal Blend, Espresso

Espresso Roast
50% Cauca, Cortino, ColombiaWashed Process 
50% Piatã, Bahia, BrazilWashed Process


Notes: Milk Chocolate, Mandarin & Almond Biscotti


Our Seasonal Blend is the staple of Standing Room. Delicious, clean and balanced, its origins change with the seasons but the taste is always satisfying.

We use it across all of our stores for our espresso based drinks, so chances are you've already tasted it many times. It's also great in a french press, stovetop or plunger,  whatever you use to keep yourself caffeinated and having a good time.


Suggested Espresso Recipe:

We generally use 20-21g of ground coffee to produce 40-42g of brewed espresso, at around 95C, in 28-32 seconds.