Ngozi, Burundi, Filter

Tasting notes

Brown Sugar, currants & vanilla.


This coffee is one of the first coffees we have roasted from Burundi. A clean and balanced natural, expect very rich sweet flavours, dried fruit and vanilla sweetness.



We suggest using this coffee for filter brew methods, such as a pourover, aeropress, chemex or batch brew (or similar). It's roasted a bit lighter to accentuate the delicious fruitiness and acidity that we love.


Origin Information

Country : Burundi

Region : Ngozi

Elevation : 1550 - 1700 MASL

Variety : Bourbon

Processing : Natural


Growth Story

This coffee comes to us from the SCOT coffee farm. SCOT is owned by 5 coffee farmers who own coffee plantations in Kiremba commune, Ngozi province in Burundi. These plantations are located on 3 hills namely Canamo with 7,969 coffee trees, Musasa with 21,456 coffee trees and Buhuma with 10,499 coffee trees and are at an altitude between 1 550 m and 1700 m.

The first plantings were carried out in 2017 and currently the total number of coffee trees is 39,924. SCOT processes all of their coffees naturally.