Murambi, Burundi, Espresso

Tasting notes

Blueberry, Cherry & Citrus Acidity.


This coffee is the first coffee we have roasted from Burundi, and it is one we are very excited to share with everyone. A fruit forward espresso, delicious citrus acidity is balanced with rich fruit flavours, and sugary sweetness.



We suggest using this coffee for espresso brew methods, but it's also great in a French Press, stovetop or plunger: whatever you use to keep yourself caffeinated and having a good time.


Origin Information

Country : Burundi

Region : Muramvya

Elevation : 1650 - 1950 MASL

Variety : Bourbon

Processing : Washed


Growth Story

This coffee is produced by the Murambi Coop, in Burundi. The Coop is a group of small holder farmers in the Muramvya region of Burundi that deliver cherry to the Murambi washing station. Small-holder farmers in this region typically own less than 1 hectare of land. Coffee is delivered in cherry to the washing station, where it is traditionally fermented for 18-24 hours after being sorted and pulped. Coffee here is dried on raised beds, being covered in the evenings to protect from precipitation.