Buesaco, Colombia, Espresso

Tasting notes


Rich & creamy, Hazelnut & Peach

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Rich, creamy body with bright, sweet fruit and a cocoa and hazelnut finish.


Country : Colombia

Region : Nariño

Municipality : Buesaco

Altitude : 1800 - 2200 MASL

Variety : Caturra

Processing : Washed

Average farm size: 1.5 hectares

Contributing Producers : Jairo Rodríguez, Luis Omar Rodríguez, David Gomez, Ulpiano Rodríguez, Leonardo Montilla, Pedro Fajardo, Juan Fajardo and Milton Rodríguez


This coffee was produced by 7 smallholder farmers from the area around the town of Buesaco in Eastern Nariño, Colombia. These producers, like most in the region, own small farms (averaging 1.5 hectares in size) at an elevation of 1,800 – 2,200m above sea level. Surrounded by incredible native vegetation, the town of Buesaco is a stunning example of Nariño’s astonishing landscape.


We suggest using this coffee for espresso brew methods, but it's also great in a French Press, stovetop or plunger,  whatever you use to keep yourself caffeinated and having a good time.


Suggested Espresso Recipe:

We suggest using 20-21g of ground coffee to produce 42-44g of brewed espresso, at around 95C, in 30-32 seconds.