Cajamarca, Colombia, Filter

Tasting notes

 - Red Apple, Caramel & Honeysuckle



We suggest using this coffee for filter brew methods, such as a pourover, aeropress, chemex or batch brew (or similar). It's roasted a bit lighter to accentuate the delicious fruitiness and acidity that we love.


Origin Information

Country : Colombia

State : Tolima

Municipality : Cajamarca

Town : Cajamarca

Elevation : 1850 - 2150 MASL

Variety : Caturra, Colombia

Processing : Washed

Average farm size : 1.5 hectares

Contributing Producers : Alexander Mancilla, Obdulio Torres, Silvestre, Hernan Ruiz, Roberto Ramirez, Alfonso Baquero


Growth Story

This coffee was grown and processed by six smallholder producers that are situated around the town and municipality of Cajamarca, located in the state of Tolima, Colombia.

The farms that contributed to this lot are very small – on average just 1.5 hectares in size – and are located between 1900-2100m above sea level, in the steep, rugged hills that surround the town. Cajamarca translates to ‘Cold Lands’ in the local Quechua language and was once a major settlement for the Anaime and Tochas indigenous groups, before being colonised in 1886.