Sitio Retz, Brazil, Filter


Tasting notes

Warm butter, gingerbread, cane sugar.

More information

From producer Helmar Retz in the mountains of Espirito Santo, this coffee defies the stereotypes while remaining satisfying, rich and full.

Helmar and his brother, Ederson, inherited Sitio Retz – the family’s 25-hectare coffee farm – from their father on his retirement in 2017. Until that point, the farm had only produced commercial coffee which was traded at a low price through local merchants.

The younger generation recognised that the farm required innovation and development in order to increase coffee quality and, in turn, profitability.

Since taking over, the brothers have made many changes, ranging from soil nutrition improvements to programmed pruning to drying the coffee inside a ventilated greenhouse.

Espirito Santo is one of the less well-known producing regions of Brazil, but we're constantly drawn to the complexity and character that coffees from the area exude.

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