La Esperanza, Colombia, Filter


Tasting notes

Butterscotch, Guava + Passionfruit Acidity

More information

Bright and complex, with delicious ripe stone fruit and guava. Light caramels and a juicy body gives way to a sparkling passionfruit finish.

This micro-lot was produced by William Buitrago and Aminta Mahocha Franco on their 11-hectare farm, La Esperanza (meaning “the hope” in Spanish), located near the small community of China Alta, in the municipality of Ibagué, in Colombia’s Tolima state.

Finca La Esperanza sits at a staggering height of 1,960 meters above sea level, and the coffees produced here with such great care by William Buitrago and his family really impressed us. 

We suggest using this coffee for filter brew methods, such as a pourover, aeropress, chemex or batch brew, (or similar). It's roasted a bit lighter to accentuate the delicious fruitiness and acidity that we love.

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