San Francisco, Colombia, Filter

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Well balanced with beautiful yellow fruits and acidity


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Country : Colombia

Region : Huila

Municipality : La Plata

Town : San Francisco

Altitude : 1900 - 2100 MASL

Variety : Caturra, Colombia

Processing : Washed

Average farm size : 1.5 hectares

Contributing Producers : Gabriel Quilindo, Raul Héctor Trujillo, Rodrigo Castro, Roman Trujillo, Ignacio Arias, Camilo Trujillo


This coffee comes from a group of 6 smallholder producers, led by Gabriel Quilindo, who grow coffee in the community of San Francisco. Located in the municipality of La Plata, in the state of Huila, Colombia the region is found at a staggering elevation of 1,900-2,100m above sea level. San Francisco is a steep, narrow stretch of land that borders the town of Inza, in the state of Cauca. Much like that found in these well-known coffee regions, the volcanic soil in San Francisco is perfect for coffee growing. Farmers here also benefit from year-round cool temperatures, abundant access to clean water, and almost exclusively produce coffee from older Caturra trees in plots of land under 2 hectares in size.


We suggest using this coffee for filter brew methods, such as a pourover, aeropress, chemex or batch brew, (or similar). It's roasted a bit lighter to accentuate the delicious fruitiness and acidity that we love.