Kabere, Rwanda, Filter

Tasting notes

Tangerine, Honey + Black Tea

More information

This microlot come to us from the Northern Provence of Rwanda, and features coffees grown from hundreds of smallholder producers who live in Kabere Village.

All these producers are members of The COOPAC cooperative. Founded in 2001 with only 110 members, it has grown to represent more than 8,000 smallholder families in Rwanda, operating 50 washing stations. The cooperative has a particular emphasis on using organic methods for farming and in intentionally conserving and protecting its environment. Additionally, the cooperative offers social services for the well-being of its members.

We suggest using this coffee for filter brew methods, such as a pourover, aeropress, chemex or batch brew, (or similar). It's roasted a bit lighter to accentuate the delicious fruitiness and acidity that we love.